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A word from the Principal

Dear Parents,

After these two weeks of Easter holidays, LCS is preparing for the home stretch before the end of the year.

Our students will take the XXX exams

We are also looking forward to celebrating the end of the 2021/2022 school year with parties and shows organised at the end of June (dates to come).

The Yearbook will be distributed from xxx

Soon to come, this May we will be celebrating plurilingualism here at LCS with the AEFE event Mai des langues (Languages in May).

Nicolas L’Hotellier

Proviseur / Principal
LCS Newsletter

Important Dates

4 May


Elementary School Excursion: Australian Museum

4 May

10-20 May


10-20 May

12 May

LSC Open Day

Spread the word!

12 May

12 May


Year 9 Exhibition at La Pérouse Museum. Year 7B and 8A and B will be visiting the museum to see their schoolmates’ work

12 May

13 May


Year 4 Excursion: Quarantine Station

13 May

25 May


Year 10 Incursion: Australian writer John Danalis

25 May

26 May


2nd Round

26 May

30 May


Year 10 (Meningococcal ACWY)

30 May
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Covid 19

With the announcement of further easing of COVID-19 restrictions the following guidelines to be communicated to staff and parents. The requirement is the same for staff and students who are household contacts - notify, RAHT daily and wear a mask.

Covid Update

Do household/close contact have to notify the school? 

Yes. The NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines requires students and staff members to notify the school if they are a household/close contact. Parents are required to email to advise that their child(ren) are household contacts. The school will undertake a risk assessment to manage the safety of all students. Students who are household contacts must complete a rapid antigen test and receive a negative result before attending school each day for 5 consecutive school days.

What happens if a student is identified as a household contact? Can they attend school during their isolation period? 

The NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines state that a person who is a household/close contact should work or study from home where practicable

Students who test positive for COVID-19 or are unwell or showing COVID-19 symptoms must continue to isolate at home. 

A student identified as a close contact may return to school if guidelines agreed with NSW Health are followed including completing a rapid antigen test and receiving a negative result before attending school each day for 5 school days. Results do not need to be reported to the school. 

NSW Health requires household/close contacts over the age of 12 to wear a mask while in an indoor setting outside of the home if not required to isolate. Primary school students are recommended to wear a mask indoors (except when eating or exercising).

If a person has had confirmed COVID in the last 12 weeks, they do not need to comply with the NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines if they become a household/close contact within the 12 week period. Once this 12 week period ends, individuals are then subject to the NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines 


Masks are recommended for students and staff who have recovered from COVID-19, completed their 7-day isolation period and are no longer showing symptoms for an additional 3 days (from days 8 – 10 after receiving a positive COVID-19 result).

Staff and students from 6eme and above need to wear a mask if they are attending school during the period that they are a household/close contact.

Excursions and Camps

The NSW Department of Education has decided, in consultation with NSW Health, that no staff or students identified as household/close contacts will be permitted to participate in overnight excursions/camps.

Visitors and contractors

Any visitor or contractor to a school site who is a close contact is required to advise the school that they are a close contact before they come on site. These visitors should conduct a daily RAHT and return a negative result before attending. They must also wear a mask indoors at all times. The school should consider if the visit can be conducted virtually.

Students entering Australia from overseas

From 30 April 2022, unvaccinated international travellers will no longer have to quarantine. The entry requirements include:

  • only have to self isolate until they return a negative RAHT (which must be taken within 24 hours of arrival) 
  • must do another RAHT on day 6
  • should carefully monitor for symptoms for 14 days. 


If you are in a difficult financial situation, we invite you to contact in order to put together an application for financial assistance for the school fees 2022-23.
Certain conditions apply.



Please check that your account is up to date with the 2nd semester fees 2021-22

LCS Newsletter

School Life

Tuesday 10/05 Year 10A and B play in the school theatre: SELO organised by Mrs Spella-Barberet in collaboration with actress Mrs Launay.
LCS Newsletter

Health & Wellness

Sunday 15/05 NSW Inter-schools invitational Badminton Teams Event for the badminton squad students from Y6 through Y12 organised by Ms De Palacio.
LCS Newsletter

WALL of Fame

A cup will be given to each winner and a diploma to each student of the class. We want to give a treat to all the children who participated.
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WhatsApp Image 2022-04-11 at 1.43.44 PM
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Fast & Curious

Meet some of our CAPN swimmers!
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Healthy Mind - Healthy Body: The Parent Guide on wellbeing in the Primary School is based on the Shared Concern Method against bullying which has been taught at our school by psychologist and researcher, Mr Bellon.

The Guide is now available in the parents section of our website, and will help you understand how we approach issues surrounding bullying, teasing and wellbeing in Primary School
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If you missed the IB contemporary art exhibition, check out some of the photos here!