WEDNESDAY 25th of MAY 2023

A message From LCS

Dear Parents,

Dear parents, The 10-day screen-free challenge has begun, and we invite you to join us in this initiative by following the Logbook with your children. France, Morocco, Spain—the LCS is proud and happy to be among the 414 institutions that have joined this initiative.

You may have read about it last week: the Parents & Friends Association is pleased to invite you to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 25th, which will take place in the cafeteria. l’AGM

We wish you a wonderful week.

Thank you, have a great week.

Nicolas l’Hotellier


What a success! Ride2school at LCS

Important Dates

25.05 – AGM Parents&Friends 

25.05 – Coding event : La nuit du Code

25.05 – Eco-committee Bake sale

1.06 – Brad Marshall Conference @ LCS 

5.06 – Immersion day for Year 5 and Year 6

8.06 – Ocean Day 

22.06 – End of the year Gala

LCS Community

10-Day No Screens Challenge

Since Tuesday, May 23rd, over 50,000 children and teenagers, with the help of their teachers and parents, are taking on a real challenge: disconnecting from all recreational screens for ten days. List of participating schools:

 This challenge consists of setting aside all screen entertainment (television, video games, consoles, tablets, smartphones, etc.) for the entire duration of the operation. Its aim is to cultivate a taste for digital disconnection from a young age and to strengthen the ability of children, teenagers, and the whole family to better control the role of recreational screens in the household. The majority of children spend more time in front of screens than in the classroom, which negatively affects their health, well-being, and development. Excessive screen use can have numerous negative consequences, and experts worldwide are alerting us to this issue. The percentage of children and teenagers spending more than 2 hours a day in front of screens is increasing.

 The results ?

99% of parents report observing at least one positive change in lifestyle habits.

The vast majority of parents feel empowered in their educational role, with 92% believing that the challenge helps families better control the role of recreational screens and has a significant positive influence on household habits.

95% participation rate among children when the challenge is carefully prepared.


89% of teachers believe that the challenge has significantly improved students' health and well-being.


80% of teachers believe that it has significantly sharpened young people's critical thinking skills regarding screens.

Children keep a logbook to collect points, aiming to win a collective match against professionals in digital entertainment who want to keep us glued to screens. The project involves the entire community and is part of a popular education approach.


The Incorruptibles book contest: the empriso-tamed fox

Year 3 have voted together this week for the Incorruptibles contest ( reading ) : we rest our case ! 

10 days without screen challenge : Access to Library 

Parents are welcome to access the primary school library (BCD) from May 23rd to June 1st to borrow a book with their children and read a book with them. from 3:25 PM to 4:00 PM.

What a great Kapla exposition !

Our architects have been incredibly creative and have built magnificent structures! The four kindergarten classes have created animals that look more than real! As for the four CE1 classes, they based their constructions on the book "The Wolf Who Traveled Through Time" and built scary tyrannosaurs. the Carcassonne fortress. domes and cupolas, as well as rockets with their launch towers! Once again, thank you to Amélie and Happy Builder for this incredible experience!


Poetry by heart

On Friday 19th June a number of classes gathered to watch the 2023 Cycle 2 Poetry by Finals. All students from CP to CE2 participated in the classroom rounds with 2 students from each class progressing to the Finals.Congratulations go to all students who participated in what is becoming an exciting annual event! Thanks to our excellent judges, Maude Luneau-Chagnon (CM1 Teacher), Ariane Rijssemus and Louis Kasses (Student Judges). It’s time to hand the mic over to CM1 and CM2! Well done to all our Finalists:)


click on the link to discover the LCS Diary



Congratulations to year 11 BFI student Rebecca Nguyen Van Hieu for being selected as a finalist in this year's ASIBA poetry competition (senior category).

Rebecca’s poem Wild was selected from a large number of entries from senior BFI students from all over the world. This year the theme of the competition was ‘Home.’ Rebecca’s poem was noted for its ability to deploy language in a controlled and sensitive way to express her thoughts and feelings on the theme.

Welldone Rebecca !

Valentina Carey - English Coordinator High School



Lost in a haze of onyx and green
Rings of silence creep in the leaves.
The air is tight and the moon is gone,
There is nothing to guide me but my beating drum.
Without a sound but the distant humming
Of my skipping heart running hurriedly,
The shadows shift as I set the pace
That rings in my heart and flourishes in my stead.
The once haunting trees become statuesque
And flickers of light skip through nature’s breath
I walk and I run and I leap and I sing
The joyous tune that I learned from my kin .
And I look down at the palms of my hands,
Whose creases are carved by the love of my clan.
Lead me to the place where our blood and love blend
And the winds and waters are loved all the same.



Health: precautions and measures to take this winter

The health and well-being of our students are our top priorities, and we want to take all necessary precautions to maintain a healthy school environment. With the winter season, the risks of virus transmission, including those responsible for colds, flu, and other respiratory infections, are heightened. 

We want to emphasise that the following suggestions are not formal or mandatory, but we strongly recommend that parents keep their children warm when they feel feverish, if possible, as our infirmary services are currently overwhelmed. Additionally, we encourage children, teachers, and school staff to consider wearing a face mask if they know they are contagious. 

This is a suggestion to ensure that we can continue to live together peacefully. 

In addition to these measures, we will continue to strengthen our cleaning and hygiene protocols at the school, as well as the ventilation system. We ensure that sanitation facilities are regularly disinfected, and that soap and hand sanitizers are available in all classrooms. We actively encourage frequent handwashing. We would like to thank all parents for their continued cooperation and support. By working together, we can create a safe and protected environment for our students.

Stay warm !



LCS champion – Badminton competition

Congratulations to the BADMINTON school section teams of LCS. The students participated in a tournament organized on Sunday, 21/05, by the NSW Badminton Federation. In Division 1, the boys won the tournament, taking the top spot on the podium ahead of the North Sydney Boys' team. The boys' team in Division 2 also finished 1st, surpassing Trinity Grammar School's team. The girls' team in Division 1 didn't make it to the podium, but they put up a great competition. Well done to them. This tournament marks the end of the season. It's time for selection tests for next year! Mrs. De Palacio 

Mme de palacio 

Division 1 winners


Ride2school vendredi dernier

Notre dernier Ride 2school de l’année scolaire se termine en beauté avec plus de 60% des élèves de primaire qui ont marché ou fait du vélo ou  scooter pour venir à l’école (sur tout le trajet ou une partie). Bravo pour vos efforts !!
PS: the stats are limited to primary children due to limited volunteers on the day to count.

Re(Vue) Condorcet


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