WEDNESDAY the 15th of NOVEMBER 2023

A message From LCS

Dear Parents,

We hope the holiday week allowed you to rest well before the final stretch of the term. Many meetings and events are on the horizon: we look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday, November 23rd, for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In the meantime, we invite you to read the message from Ms. Mangion, President of the Management Committee, and watch the candidate videos.

We will meet some of you this Thursday, November 16th, to participate in the final phase of the brainstorming organized by Robyn Edwards from the AIS Leadership Centre to implement our school project.

Finally, congratulations to Romain Spella-Barberet in IB2, and to Lucas Velasque, our former 12th-grade student, who proudly represented the senior men's team of New South Wales at the national handball championship held in Melbourne from November 2nd to 4th.

See you very soon for our upcoming festivities, including the year-end shows and the Christmas market. 

Thank you and have an excellent week. 

Nicolas L’Hotellier

Rosella Mangion Présidente du comité de gestion / Chairwomen of the board - Lycée Condorcet de Sydney


📢 Appel à Tous les Parents ! Veuillez parcourir le bulletin de Mme.Mangion, Présidente du comité de gestion. 📢 Parents, heads up! Please read the notice of Ms. Mangion, Chairwoman of the LCS board.
Vidéos de présentation des candidats / Videos of nominees

Important Dates

16 Novembre 2023 School project : Brainstorming from 6pm to 7.30pm

19 Novembre 2023 Beach clean up easter suburbs

20, 21st & 27th of November 2023  School photos - Commande en ligne, CODE : 5TW3A8LJ

21 Novembre 2023 Exposition -Science fair. 

22 Novembre 2023  UNSW will come to LCS

22 Novembre 2023 Enrolment aftercare 2nd semester at 8pm

22 Novembre 2023 Enrolment canteen second semester at 8pm

23 Novembre 2023  LCS General assembly

23 Novembre 2023 Inter-school tennis tournament

29 Novembre 2023 AEFE Badminton championship

2nd of December 2023  Christmas market.

8 Décembre 2023  Music show from 5.30pm to 7pm at LCS

1st to 15th December 2023 End of year primary christmas shows

LCS Community


The canteen module on Eduka will be open from 22nd November 2023 for the 2nd semester 2023-24 enrolments. 

By default, enrolments from the 1st semester 2023-2024 are automatically renewed for the 2nd semester 2023-2024. 

If you wish to modify any option (change of days, new enrolment or cancellation) please log into the canteen module on your Eduka portal. 

Sibling discounts for the 5-day canteen option:

10% discount for the second child registered for the 5-day option.
19% discount for the third child registered for the 5-day option.
24% discount for the fourth child registered for the 5-day option.

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Reminder - School Photo Order

It's time to place your orders for this year's school photos!

Here are the scheduled dates for the 2023 school photos. Please ensure that Maternelle students come dressed in their school uniforms. Ordering the school photos is entirely optional, but if you wish to do so,
please follow the instructions provided below :  Please note that the deadline for orders is on the 18th of November, after this date there will be an additional fee.

- Elementary: 20/11
- Secondary: 21/11
- Maternelle: 27/11

To order please visit this website : enter the school’s access key : 5TW3A8LJ.

For those interested in ordering sibling photos, see the sibling photo schedule below for the specific time slots:

November 20th :
- 7.45-8.00: Surnames A-C
- 8.00-8.15: Surnames D-F
- 8.15-8.30: Surnames G-J
- 8.30-8.45: Students with class/sport at 8.00 am

November 21st :
- 7.45-8.00: Surnames K-M
- 8.00-8.15: Surnames N-R
- 8.15-8.30: Surnames S-Z
- 8.30-8.45: Students with class/sport at 8.00 am

Sibling photos will be taken on the first-floor of the gymnasium in the new building according to the provided schedule. Please enter through the main entrance on Moverly Road and accompany your children to, during, and from the photo session. Only secondary school students may be left unattended; they will not be able to supervise their primary school siblings.


December shows

As you know, every year the primary students prepare shows. 

Don't forget to take a look at the calendar so you don't miss their performance !

Aftercare information

For the parents of PS and MS students, a message regarding daycare registration will be sent to them separately.


Results of the Halloween dress-up competition

We are delighted to share the results of the Halloween contest at the secondary level! Congratulations to Juliette from 6th grade A for winning the first place, closely followed by Romeo in 5A at the second place. Hesper and Blaise also deserve applause for their costumes, securing the third place. Well done to all participants! 

Trip to Melbourne to visit universities

The trip to Melbourne was an enriching experience, and we are glad that Ms. Salier organised this excursion for us. We feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit the universities in Melbourne. We toured RMIT and the University of Melbourne, as well as Monash University. We participated in various activities on each campus; at Monash, we had an excellent presentation about the campus and the university, followed by lunch. At RMIT, we had a fun treasure hunt, which was certainly a good way to explore the university. Later, we had a laser tag session, undoubtedly the highlight of the evening. During dinner, two university students were there to answer our questions, which was really helpful. The highlight at the University of Melbourne was understanding what student life is like. We had lunch at Ormond College, which was beautiful; the dining hall resembled the one in Harry Potter. 
Thank you to Ms.Salier, Mills and Kevin for making this trip possible."

By Gabriel, Year 11 IB

Trivia night

The IB2 students are thrilled to announce that they raised $2080 during the Trivia Night. They would like to express their gratitude to all the volunteers who contributed to the smooth running of the event, as well as to everyone who attended. This event was part of their CAS program, an essential component of the IB program. Despite a few challenges, the evening was a success.
Et bravo à l’improvisation de Thriller, le parent concerné saura se reconnaître !


Events at school

University of Sydney visiting LCS

UNSW will visit us on Wednesday 22 November from 12-12.45pm. All students are welcome! The presentation will be held in D117. Parents are welcome, please notify Ms Salier if you are keen to attend so you can be registered. Students are encouraged to prepare questions beforehand to make the most of the visit.

Enrichment Activities

Andego Internships Abroad

Are you interested in being a language assistant intern at one of 50 partner schools in France after you finish school? You will receive free room and board and a monthly stipend to cover costs. Register for one of our info nights HERE to learn more about the program. Our next night is Tuesday, November 21st at 5:30pm Pacific on Google Meet (link provided after registration).

Discover Physiotherapy at the ACU campus

This hands-on activity will be held at the North Sydney campus from 4-6pm on Tuesday 28 November. Visit simulation wards and understand more about the practicalities of this profession:

Newswriting Basics: Micro Journalism Course

This online course begins on 5 December and teaches secondary school students the fundamentals of writing basic news stories, fee involved:

Young Writers Program

Fabulous writing challenges, resources and opportunities to connect with novelists. Join now:


Handball championship
Romain, a student in IB2, and Lucas, a former LCS student, proudly represented the senior men's team of New South Wales at the national handball championship. The competition took place at the Parkville Melbourne Sports Centre in Melbourne from November 2nd to November 5th, 2023. They secured an impressive second place against Canberra. We extend our best wishes to them for future championships and look forward with enthusiasm to celebrating their success in the world of handball.
The Olympic Games explained to the LCS students

On Thursday, November 2nd, a conference on the Olympic Games took place at LCS for students preparing for the AEFE eloquence competition: "Amassadeurs et ambassadrices en herbe" (Budding Ambassadors and Ambassadresses).

This conference was led by Aurélien Ros, a history-geography teacher, and aimed to explain to the students the challenges of this year's theme: "1924-2024, The Olympic and Paralympic Games, a unifying, inclusive, and sustainable event?"

It was an opportunity to sweep through the history of Olympism, its geopolitical and ideological challenges.

The students were able to consolidate their already substantial knowledge and pose their questions about this international event set to take place in Paris next year.

The conference illustrated how the Olympics have become an event that is both popular and closely watched by nations worldwide. The thirty students in attendance were able to leave with more arguments to enrich their thinking and better prepare their speeches for this competition, the school final of which is scheduled for February. A significant moment not to be missed!

Football in a wheelchair: A Discovery for LCS Students! 

Joya and Valentine are members of a sports association at LCS and are also preparing for the eloquence competition "Ambassadeurs et ambassadrices en herbe," whose theme this year is "The Olympic and Paralympic Games, a unifying, inclusive, and sustainable event." They share their experience of attending the Wheelchair Football World Cup.

"On Wednesday, October 18th, we, the students from the sports associations at LCS, went to Olympic Park to watch the wheelchair football match between France and Australia. It was a fantastic experience as we had the chance to see the French team. Although there weren't many supporters, we, the sports association members, sang and shouted at the top of our lungs to support the French wheelchair football team. We met French supporters who warmly welcomed us and painted our faces with the colors of the French flag. We learned all the songs we would sing to support the team. Every time one of the players tried to score a point, we all fell silent to see if the other team would also score a point. Then, we sang French songs like "Allez les bleus, Allez les bleus!!" Since everyone was hungry, and it was a special occasion, everyone brought a little snack. Even Mr. Teulet bought some candies!

When the match ended, we were really proud of France because they had won the game! It lasted for over 40 minutes. 

Then, we had the opportunity to meet the winning team from France and ask them lots of questions. All the players answered the questions clearly; it was really nice of them. 

We are really delighted that the school invited us to go because we had never heard of wheelchair football before. No one had heard of this match even though everyone hears about regular football matches or the World Cup. It's not fair because wheelchair football is as beautiful to watch as an ordinary football match.

We found this match to be super awesome, and we recommend all LCS students to try attending another event like this."


Please note that any use of student photos in our publications is purely incidental. We do not intentionally collect student photos and only use them within the context of our educational work. We are committed to respecting the privacy of our students and not using their photos inappropriately. If you find a photo that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to be used, please contact us immediately so we can remove it.

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