A message From LCS

Dear Parents,

We are now in the final stretch before the Easter holidays, and I would like to congratulate the students who went to Laos for the Regional Final of the Ambassadors in the Making contest and came back with great rewards.  

The question of screen-time is at the heart of the education sector’s current challenges and LCS will be participating in a 10-day challenge to raise awareness and understanding of the risks involved with screen-time.

The next few months will be very busy with the start of exams for some and the Brevet exams for our year 9 students. We hope you enjoy your holidays and rest well for some intense but fun months of school before the end of the academic year.

Thank you, have a great week.

Nicolas l’Hotellier

AAEH regional finals in Laos - Go LCS!
Thank you to the P&F who helped organise the best Easter Egg Hunt ever!

Important Dates

17 APRIL - 1 MAY 2023 School Holidays!

MAY 2023 Cambridge Exams

10-12 MAY 2023 Cambridge Exams

17-19 MAY 2023 Year 8 Camp

23 MAY – 1 JUNE 2023 10-Day No Screens Challenge

25 MAY 2023 Coding Night

May is the Month of Languages! Get ready for it!

LCS Community


The P&F team would like to thank each and everyone of you for coming to the school fair despite the rain.

We would also like to thank all the people who were present throughout the day, the teachers who helped us set up the activities, the school staff who strongly supported us during the day, the secondary students who volunteered and all the parents who gave an hour of their time and sometimes even more.

The success of this event is a success thanks to the involvement of the whole LCS community.

The profits obtained will allow us to finance future projects for the children.

The P&F has already funded the Easter egg hunt for the Maternelle section and the Primary school (Y1 to Y5) . Part of the income from the sale of fairy floss and popcorn was distributed to high school students to organise their prom and gala. We will continue to discuss other projects with school management.

  • Thank you to the extended P&F team who helped the days prior and the whole day:

    • Jean Manuel Arias and his son Nicolas - special shout out on the crepes stand to keep their cool despite the rain and queue and to still cook amazing crepes,

    • Emilie Gratadour - for the activities animation, the creation of decoration and food preparation help,

    • Anusha Goonetilleke - our book expert,

    • Grégoire Dedryver for the pack up.

  • Thank you to the volunteers who organised some activities:

    • The Y team for some great craft animation and face painting,

    • Amelie Bergeron from Happy Builder for the Kapla stand,

    • Armelle Laloue and Carole Defago for the climate fresk quiz,

    • Jess Powell Antonini for the 5678 Just Dance workshop,

    • Dan for the Murphy Sports workshops,

    • Laurence Irwin CE2 teacher for the eco craft activity.

  • Thank you to the Lycee’s students for the popcorn and fairy floss making.

  • Thank you to the CPD class of Valerie Curty for the stand decoration of “course a l’oeuf”.

  • Thank you to the CE1 class of Silke Mirande for the creation of “Chamboule tout”.

  • Thank you to Christelle Helou for the game “Awalee”.

  • Thank you to Sophie Marmontel for the creation of the treasure hunt and for the yoga sessions.

  • Thank you to all the teachers who volunteered and for their quick thinking whenever something didn't go into plans to react and address it quickly ! (installation, rain or volunteering longer).

  • Thank you to the school staff:

    • Tom Diakoumis, Mark Hannan, John Diakoumis and Gordon Gallo for the maintenance and being on top of all the tables, chairs, powerpoints, brooms, bins, etc. needed.

    • Valerie Bronnert and Iuliia Shevchenko for pro-actively managing the visitors reception and tickets sale.

    • Sean Lenehan and the canteen staff who provided unlimited access to the canteen to prepare food and access to the cold room for the food and drink storage, and to have the coffee shop available all day.

    • Elise Lombrage for her extra set of hands to help on the day and promotion of the event on social media.

    • Rebecca Kearney for printing and branding help.

    • Sophie Muzard for the countless school access and favours we asked her over the year.

Thank you, Baptiste C David, for the beautiful photos from the school fête!



Year 4 and 5 LCS students have put their architect’s hats on this week working on Kapla, creating original and ephemeral constructions in teams!

The year 4 students worked on the theme "Architecture in all its states" and were inspired by famous monuments to create original replicas of these buildings.

The year 5 students worked on the theme "Geometry in all its states" and were inspired by simple geometric shapes to create unusual and creative constructions.

We invite you to come and see their creations in the theatre on Thursday 13 April from 15:25 to 17:30 or on Friday 14 April from 8:00 to 8:50. 

Getting Excited about the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

Following the French tradition of waiters racing with trays filled with drinks and coffee, this time around our students will be participating in a stilt relay!The students have been running around on bucket shaped stilts all day, getting plenty of exercise and having buckets of fun!

PARIS 2024
à tous les participants de la PS au CM2
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Easter Egg Hunt 

We would like to thank our fantastic, hard-working Parents & Friends Association for helping to organise this amazing Easter Egg Hunt. It was a huge success and the kids absolutely loved it. Thank you!


Travel Back in Time at the LCS Theatre this Friday Night

This Friday night, April 14th, LCS students/future Oscar winners will present their rendition of "Le voyage de Molière," a play by J-P Daguerre and P-O Scotto, and on Friday directed by Charlotte Launay. A refreshment stand will be available to all spectators from 6:00 pm before the performance. The funds raised will be donated to the Smith Family association.


McGill Summer Academy
-Perspectives on World Politics: International Law, Development, and Organizations
-Pathways to Neuro and Health Sciences
More Information

Santa Barbara  
Oxford and Cambridge Summer Courses

Please see your Careers Adviser about the hundreds of summer programs you could be interested in attending.. 

Sciences Po
Every summer, Sciences Po opens its doors to high school students from all over the world as part of its pre-university Summer School programme. This programme offers a unique opportunity to discover Sciences Po and student life at one of France's most prestigious higher education institutions.

HEC Paris
Digital Entrepreneur
Youth Leadership
High impact communication 
More Information

Summer programs for teens in France-French Studies in the Arts, Language, Culture, Sports and Recreation
Journey abroad to Nice with Abbey Road Programs for one of the French summer programs for high school students.
More Information

Lycée Notre Dame de Sion, a top independent school in the 6th arrondissement. This four-week intensive program through Oxbridge Academic Programs is for those in Years 9-12 Learn more about Oxbridge Academic Programs
More Information
All summer academic programs

Summer Theatre & Film Program Berridge
Multi-Arts, Dance, Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre Arts, Filmmaking and Digital Media, Arts, Acting, Art History. More Information


International Science School 2023 :it’s back, live and in-person! Year 11 and 12. Applications close 6 April 2023.

UTS STEM Day Girls in STEM Year 5 - 10. 11-12 April. Sign up here!.

UNSW Girls in Engineering Club The UNSW Girls in Engineering Club is a fun, inspiring community for high school girls interested in a career in engineering. Sign up here!.

Taronga Youth at the Zoo: Taronga’s Youth at the Zoo program (YATZ) gives teens the opportunity to learn more about how our Zoos operate, develop skills for the future and spend time with like-minded people who share a passion for animals and conservation. 12 - 18 years. Sign up here!

St John Ambulance Cadets : St John Ambulance Australia is a leading provider of youth development programs and opportunities for young people aged 8 to 25 years. St John provides young people with opportunities to learn new skills, participate in exciting activities, meet new people and have fun! You will learn about first aid, leadership and how you can help others. Call 02 9745 8888.

Qantas Group Pilot Academy : Register by 26/3.


Life of a Health Scientist 22 March 4 pm

Pathways to Psychology 22 March 3.30 pm

The Digital History of Human Rights: How a History degree prepares you to work with Big Data 22 March 5 pm

Interaction Design 29 March 5 pm Innovative technical and social design skills to become a leading-edge designer. »

Bachelor of Advanced Computing 29 March 4 pm



10-Day Screen-Time Challenge

To equip children and teenagers with digital skills but at the same time prevent the negative effects of digitalisation, schools, families, health and education professionals, and councils are joining forces to tackle a major education challenge of the 21st century. From May 25 to June 3, 2021, communities, organisations, municipalities, child care centres, schools, primary schools and high schools across France and abroad will encourage the young people in their care to go without “leisure” screens.For ten days, thousands of children and adolescents will accept this collective challenge, putting aside televisions, video games, consoles, tablets, and smartphones.

LCS is excited to be taking part in this initiative:

The 10-day challenge aims to promote responsible consumption and mental health. This societal initiative aims to reduce physical and verbal violence, advertising pressure, and obesity. It helps to distinguish between screens that provide useful services and those that foster addiction. The impact on the school environment and the strengthening of family bonds is very real.

 While we wait for more information about this challenge, the Wellbeing Team has produced a brochure on the subject.



Championnat national australien de natation 

The largest annual event on the Swimming Australia calendar, the Australian Age Championships attracts thousands of athletes and spectators to one of the country’s premier swimming venues from April 7-15, 2023. 6 LCS students have qualified and are participating in this year’s national age championship: Amélie, Alyssa, Ariane, Emmeline, Karim and Roger. While most LCS swimmers are still racing, the MultiClass races have finished and we would like to congratulate Emmeline for her fantastic results. Emmeline obtained 2 bronze medals, 1 silvers and 1 gold in 200m Individual Medley! We look forward to sharing the other LCS swimmers’ results with you soon.

School Holiday Activities - not associated with Lycée Condorcet:


Return and Earn at LCS

From 1 May until 22 October 2023, the LCS will be taking part in a fundraising scheme through Randwick City Council's 'Return and Earn' recycling scheme. You will be able to return your glass and plastic bottles and aluminium cans to the LCS. The First French Schools Abroad Forest "The First French Schools Abroad Forest" directly at the recycling centre by selecting our project on the "Return and Earn" application. 

Recycle your cans and bottles! There will be 3 bins will be placed both at ANZAC entry and Moverly entry. The bins will be outside the gates from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. After 9:00 am the bins will be placed in the ANZAC playground and under cover just past the new A BLOCK. At 3:00 pm the bins will again be outside the gates up until 4:00 pm.

Each bin will serve a purpose:
Red lid = glass
Green lid = cans
Orange lid = plastic

We discourage students from bringing GLASS onto the school grounds, we would prefer these to be donated when the bins are placed outside the school.

All money raised will go to EcoMatcher to support the project " The First French Schools Abroad Forest". This project aims to fight against deforestation, especially deforestation caused by livestock farming, by planting trees in Thailand. Each tree costs $3.49 and will be planted by the association Conserve Natural Forest.

Thank you all for your support, we look forward to receiving all your recycled bottles and cans!


Ambassadors in the Making: Asia-Pacific Final 

Our LCS finalists of the AEFE public speaking contest, Ambassadors in the Making, were thrilled to visit Laos and the French School of Vientiane, Josué Hoffet, last week and represent our school in the Asia-Pacific final! 

Les lauréats de notre établissement, Juliette, Mila, Brigitte, Edgard et Luna ont exposé brillamment leur point de vue sur le thème Un monde numérique, enfer ou paradis ? 

It was an incredibly enriching experience in which the students made enormous progress in their public speaking skills, had exciting interactions with their counterparts in Phnom Penh, Hanoi and Vientiane and also had the honour of being received by Her Excellency the French Ambassador to Laos. Congratulations! 

Teams: 3rd place (Vientiane won)

Cycle 3 Individual: 4th place (Phnom Penh won)

Cycle 4 Individual: 3rd place (Vientiane won)

Seniors individual: 2nd place (Hanoi won)


Please note that any use of student photos in our publications is purely incidental. We do not intentionally collect student photos and only use them within the context of our educational work. We are committed to respecting the privacy of our students and not using their photos inappropriately. If you find a photo that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to be used, please contact us immediately so we can remove it.

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