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Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce that Brad Marshall, a psychologist specialising in the impact of screens in daily life, will be joining us on June 1st at LCS. Brad Marshall, also known as The Unplugged Psychologist, has spent over a decade questioning the use of screens and how it can be adopted in a healthy way. But don't be fooled by the name, Brad is not opposed to technology.

As an internationally published author, researcher, clinician, graduate in psychology from Macquarie University and behavioural science from the University of Sydney, and speaker, he is here to help parents. We are proud and honoured to have Brad Marshall with us at our school and to offer you a meeting with him that will allow you to deepen your knowledge and reflections on the place of screens in our lives. The conference is free and reservations are required in advance. Please refer to the article below for more information.

LCS is also organising the Night of Code on May 25th. Although these two events may seem contradictory, they offer two perspectives on the benefits and framework for the use of new technologies. These are certainly exciting and complex questions that are part of learning and our school intends to continue to address them. Finally, we would like to congratulate our athletes who have made it to the NSW finals in handball, as well as the two students selected for the National "Je filme le metier qu'il me plait" competition.

Thank you, have a great week.

Nicolas L’Hotellier


Important Dates

8 8 - 15 May Registration for Elite squads test and talent Identification TEST. Go to EDUKA Registration for Elite squads test and talent Identification TEST. Go to EDUKA

19 Mai Last Ride2School of the year + Walk safely to school day

20.May Garage Sale 

23 May to 1 June 2023 - 10 days screen challenge 10-Day No Screens Challenge

25 May Parents&Friends association AGM

25 May - Coding event " La Nuit du code"

01 June - Brad Marshall conference - Join us Conférence de Brad Marshall au LCS – réservez votre place

8 June Ocean Day 

22 June End of the year Gala

LCS Community


Brad Marshall, the unplugged psychologist : book now

We invite you to attend 3 conferences on Thursday, June 1st: one for cycle 3 students, one for cycle 4 and high school students, and one for parents at 5 PM in the theater. Please confirm your attendance ( clicking the blue button here ) The BCD will be open to parents from 3:25 PM to 4 PM from Tuesday, May 23rd to Thursday, June 1st. The BCD will be open to parents from 3:25 PM to 4:00 PM from Tuesday, June 23rd to Thursday, June 1st. Mrs. Bronnert met with the parent delegates about this challenge that concerns the entire community. Some parents have already organized activities for the children, including these two magnificent posters! We are counting on everyone's participation for this 10-day challenge without leisure screens.


Reminder /Notification of departure

If you are considering leaving the school, please note that you must provide a notice period of 6 weeks prior to the last day of classes (which is Monday, May 22 if the last day of class is on June 30) in order to avoid a penalty fee of $250. Once you have notified the school of your decision by sending an email to, please complete the definitive departure form on Eduka.


School photos

Class photos have been distributed starting this week. If you have forgotten to order a photo, please contact Laurence Daniels.


Coding Event : La Nuit du Code 2023

Supported by the Association of Computer Science Teachers in France (AEIF), the Night of Code allows students from CM1 to Terminale to come together and program a game in a friendly atmosphere. In teams of two or three, our candidates have 6 hours to code a game using Scratch or Python. LCS will participate in the Night of Code on May 25th with classes ranging from 5th to Terminale. This event is an exciting opportunity for students to develop their computer skills and program video games.

LCS will participate in the Night of Code on May 25th with classes ranging from 5th to Terminale. This event is an exciting opportunity for students to develop their computer skills and program video games.


Monthly Outdoor Class for PSC and MSD

Teaching outdoor means using what surrounds us to learn, experiment, help each other, cooperate, grow, and let our imagination run wild. Every time, the students can't wait to be there and come back with lots of ideas for the next outing. It's a real joy to see them thrive and make progress outside. A big thank you to all our volunteer parents without whom this wouldn't be possible.

Anak Tnk and the CE1 D students 

The CE1 students have been very involved since October in supporting the ANAK TnK Association, which provides support to underprivileged children in Manila.

Stephanie, who represents the ANAK Tnk Association in Australia came to the class to show them a film and raise awareness. We then discussed, argued, and chose what would be done with the $1,700 raised through 5 cake sales in the hall and at the Christmas market stand.

The students took this work very seriously and had very mature reflections for their age. Among the 6 choices proposed by the ANAK Tnk association, the CE1 Disco class decided that the $1,700 would be used to buy 27 bags of 50kg rice each, or 1350kg of rice. Every student was really invested and now understands the importance and impact of this kind of humanitarian project. A real memory for life!!. Ils connaissent maintenant l’importance et l’impact de ce genre de projet humanitaire. Un vrai souvenir pour la vie !


Je filme le métier qui me plait

Two films made by our 3rd grade students have been selected this year to be presented at the National Contest "Je filme le métier qui me plaît" finals on May 25th, 2023 at the Grand Rex in Paris. profession caricaturiste d’Amélie Kordina-Baker et responsable de communication pour une artiste The films will be judged by a panel chaired by actress and director Géraldine Nakache and composed of members from the worlds of business, education, art, and the film industry. They will determine the best creations.

This is a national contest organised by the French Ministry of Education. Last year, approximately 65,000 students from 2,500 senior and junior high schools across France and overseas participated. This year, 738 films have been selected for the final contest, which will take place at the Grand Rex cinema in Paris on May 25th. Forty-eight films will be awarded, three films per category (clap d'or, d'argent et de bronze) plus one grand prix (clap de diamant) .

As of now, Amelie's video ("profession caricaturiste") has been viewed 5,459 times - please click the link to view and click ‘like’ and vote: FILM 

Cliquer sur l'image et voter


Apply, Apply, Apply!! Keep your options open. 

Year 12 IB and Terminale students considering studying in an Australian university. Now is the time to apply for study in 2023 or 2024.
Students wishing to apply to an Australian university are encouraged to make an appointment with Ms Stewart to apply in May. If you wish to start studying in 2024 or defer the start time of your course you should still apply in May. Students do not need to have finalised their university course choices as these can continue to be changed until late February 2024.

Domestic students will need a USI - Apply for a USI here. You can apply for a USI in the appointment and will need a medicare card, passport or driver’s licence etc. LINK Vous pouvez demander cette carte lors du rendez-vous et vous aurez besoin d’une carte d’assurance maladie, d’un passeport ou d’un permis de conduire, etc.

International Students
International students will usually be automatically assessed for a scholarship as part of the application process.



Where can a Business degree at Sydney take you? 10 May

Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship Program UTS 11 May



Finance and Chartered Accountant – 18 May It will give you insights into what your future career could look like in different

specialisations and what skills you might need to thrive in your career. 

Sydney College of the Arts Portfolio Day 30 May


LCS champion of NSW

It brings us immense happiness and a sense of pride to witness our students' success in reaching the NSW handball finals.

. We express our sincere appreciation to Maïa and Neva for sharing these captivating photographs with you, and we are eagerly anticipating further updates on the subsequent rounds of the competition.

Re(Vue) Condorcet


Please note that any use of student photos in our publications is purely incidental. We do not intentionally collect student photos and only use them within the context of our educational work. We are committed to respecting the privacy of our students and not using their photos inappropriately. If you find a photo that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to be used, please contact us immediately so we can remove it.

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