Wednesday 1st of May 2024

A message From LCS

Dear LCS community,

While our IB senior students began their exams during the holidays, yesterday marked the start of exams for Year 12 A and B with the Grand Oral exam. We extend our best wishes of courage to the year 9 students for the National Diploma of the Brevet exams, as well as to the year 11 students for the anticipated French exams.

May is full of exciting projects for primary and secondary school students: the CAPN 2024 will soon take place in Shanghai, and until then, our students are participating in the Lève ta Voix Competition to resonate French literary heritage in Australian schools.

At the initiative of Mr. Possenti, Our primary school director, we are pleased to welcome Max Ducos, author of youth books, who will spend 15 days with our students from May 6th to 21st. We invite you to discover his universe in the article below.

Kind regards, 

Nicolas L’Hotellier,


Max Ducos - Author, illustrator in residence at LCS this year.
Lily of the valley is a symbol traditionally associated with May 1st in France, where it is offered as a sign of happiness and luck.

Important Dates

3rd of May 2024– SURFAID Bake Sale from 3.15pm to 3.45pm with both teams and a raffle

8th of May 2024–Bake sale with the secondary eco committee from 3.15pm to 3.45PM.

10th of May 2024–  Book signing by Max Ducos, French author, from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM in the hallway of the primary building.

10th of May 2024– Last Ride2School. 

10th of May 2024– National walk safely to school day

13th to 17th of May- Asia Pacific Swimming Competition 2024

15th of May 2024– Book signing by Max Ducos, French author, from 7.30 AM to 9:30 AM in the hallway of the primary building.

17th of May 2024–SurfAid Cup at Bondi

2Oth of May 2024–International Day of the Bees: Meeting and workshop with Saverio Russo, Founder of Billion Bees.

21st of May 2024–LCS Awards Ceremony.

22nd of May 2024–Inter-School Handball Championship.

22nd of May 2024–Sports carnival at Snape park.

21st of June 2024– Graduation ceremonies. 

Bake Sale by the Surf teams of the SurfAid Bondi cup
Walk safely to school day

LCS Community

Reminder of unpaid invoices: 

In order to complete the validation of your child's re-enrolment for the 2024/25 school year or their withdrawal, please verify that your Eduka portal. account is up to date and cleared of all invoiced charges (canteen, AES, camps, late fees, after care, etc.). Thank you in advance for your payment.

Lost & Found : Until the 10th of May 

Before each vacation, LCS sets up tables gathering all lost items so that you can retrieve them. Despite the efforts of the school life team to find the owners, we still have many unclaimed items. LCS will maintain a table until May 10th: please come and find your lost treasures! Unclaimed items will be donated to benefit a New Caledonian association. 
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Lève ta voix

While Jeanne, in Year 1, immerses herself in "Tex La Terreur" by Paul Martin, Joséphine, on the other hand, enthusiastically narrates the story of "Le Journal de Gurty". Meanwhile, students in cycles 3, 4, and 5 passionately declaim the works of Hugo and other authors in their classes, under the admiring gaze of their teachers and classmates. "Raise Your Voice" is a unifying project bringing together schools from the AFEBS network, aiming to promote the richness of French literary culture. It also aims to strengthen oral reading skills, deepen understanding of works, and develop oral fluency. 

We invite you to join us on May 30th for the final, which will take place on Zoom. A big thank you to the teachers for their invaluable contribution to this project, and congratulations to our students for their commitment and passion for literature.

We summarise the steps for you: 

– The assessments took place in two stages:

–Initially, all students in the relevant classes read aloud a text from French literature, whether it be heritage or contemporary, in front of their classmates.

  –Then, each class selected the student who would represent them in the next stage: the choice of the laureate for each category.

–The second phase took place in April and allowed the selection of the finalists who will have the opportunity to participate in the final of the AAFEBS establishments, scheduled for May 30th via Zoom.

–This project aims to promote the richness of French literary culture, to strengthen oral reading skills, to deepen understanding of works, and to develop oral fluency.

Civility and Neighbourhood.

Dear Parents,

Community life at LCS is becoming increasingly dynamic, and you know how happy we are that our establishment is a place of resonance for Francophonie, sports, art, and culture.
However, we kindly request your cooperation to ensure optimal understanding with our neighbours. We understand that finding parking space in the streets adjacent to the school can be challenging, but there are always spots available a bit further away. A neighbour recently complained to the Randwick City Council because a car was blocking access to their garage. We ask for your help in maintaining a peaceful and courteous atmosphere in the neighbourhood.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

LCS team

Max Ducos, author in residence at LCS 

Max Ducos was born in 1979 in Bordeaux, where he still resides. In 2006, freshly graduated from the Arts déco de Paris, he published his first children's album, "Jeu de piste à Volubilis".
With 15 000 exemplars sold, the success exceeded his expectations and encouraged him to continue on this path, where art and culture serve as the backdrop for fiction and entertainment. The adventure continues with "L'Ange disparu", then "Le Carnaval des dragons", "Vert Secret", and "Le Mystère de la Grande Dune". His keen sense of framing and storytelling, along with his nuanced perception of the world of childhood, are among his strengths, earning him numerous awards and a special relationship with his audience. He regularly exhibits his paintings, notably in Paris and Arcachon.

Max Ducos will meet each class from the 6th of May to the 21st.

Two book signing sessions, open to parents, will take place on Friday 10th of May  from 2.30pm to 6pm at the main entrance & the Wednesday 15th of May from 7.30am to 9.30am.

For parents who wish to immerse themselves in his universe already, we invite you to visit the publisher's portal:

Danse tes jeux ! With all the LCS students

Collective choreography in the Asia Pacific Zone

Created by Mourad Merzouki and labeled Cultural Olympiad, the Dance of the Games is a choreography and educational project that celebrates the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024, set to original music created by Müller & Makaroff (Gotan Project). All students can rehearse and train until June 4, 2024, before the live dance performance filmed in the courtyard.

The mini-films from each school will be stitched together, and we will be delighted to share them with you.

#MaiDeslangues #AEFE

LCS surf team: Congratulations, keep riding the wave of success!

After a successful first bake sale, our two LCS surfing teams, the Blues et les Maroubra have successfully supported SurfAid by raising donations. Before coming to cheer on our surfers at the SurfAid Cup Bondi 2024; encourage them even more:

  • by participating in their bake sale Friday. 
  • by purchasing raffle tickets during the bake sale day. There are 2 prizes to win (a natural fiber cap, a voucher for a wetsuit, and a waterproof bag valued at 600 AUD).
  • or by visiting the website of the SURFAIDCUP
Thank you, Maxine, Saskia, Nour, Augustin, Arty, Karlotta, Valentin et Max 🏄🏄‍♀️
Lost & Found: Please stop by the LCS reception before May 10th.

Primary students during the "Lève ta voix" competition

%ax Ducos - French Author
Collective choreography in the Asia Pacific Zone
The total amount raised by SurfAid
Make a donation - on the website


End of the year shows at the primary school

The end-of-year shows are fast approaching at the primary school, and this year promises to be filled with memorable moments and dazzling performances from our talented students. Parents are warmly invited to attend the school's organised shows to celebrate their children's achievements.

It is important to note that parents should arrive at the school no earlier than 8:50 AM., and entry will be through the former Moverly Road entrance (same as the Y). For safety reasons, please note that the gates will be closed at 9:05 AM, so please make sure to arrive on time to not miss the beginning of the performances.

Primary Assembly : Y1 - Y2 & Y3

Today, the Year 1, Year 2, and Year 6 students had an assembly on the theme of friendship. It was a morning filled with smiles and camaraderie, reminding everyone of the importance of friendship.

End of year shows & graduation ceremonies program
Primary Assembly


Emmeline's Quest: A Swim Towards the Paris 2024 Olympics?

We are pleased to announce the excellent results of Emmeline, a 5th-grade student just 13 years old, during this month of April. Emmeline, who exclusively trains with LCS in the Sports Section and Talent Identification, participated in two national championships: "2024 AUS Age Championships" in the 12-15 category with 7 races (50m Free, 100m Free, 400m Free, 100m Back, 100m Breast, 100 Butterfly, and 200m Individual Medley) "2024 AUS Open Championships" in the senior April category with 5 races (50m Free, 100m Free, 200m Free, 400m Free, and 200m Individual Medley).

The most important news to remember is that with her time achieved in the final to win the bronze medal in the 400m Free, Emmeline has secured a time that will allow her to participate in the 2024 AUSTRALIA SWIMMING TRIALS which will take place in Brisbane from June 10th to 15th, perhaps to participate in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games in the S10 category.

LCS and her coach are very proud of her high-level performances and wish her the best for the next 6 weeks of training so that she arrives confidently during the selection trials for the Australian Paralympic Team, and most certainly for the years to come at this high level of competition. It's inspiring to see such a remarkable journey, congratulations!

LCS sport team

LCS Badminton Tournament

Congratulations to all our badminton players from Cycle 3 (Year 4 to Year 6) and Cycle 4 (Year 7 to Year 9)!

In a sporty atmosphere, with a dynamic blend of competitiveness and camaraderie, over 40 students met during this LCS badminton tournament. This tournament also provides excellent preparation for students in the school's badminton sports section, who will have the opportunity to proudly represent the school at the end of May during the NSW interschools.

Mme de palacio


Events outside of school

University Of Sydney Year 12 Information Evening

This is open to all Year 12 students and their parents - there are 2 options - on campus on Wednesday 22 May from 4-7pm or online on Thursday 23 May from 6-7.30pm. For more information & registration: Click here

The Enduring Power of the Humanities @ Penn (Ivy league USA) & Beyond

Join Penn faculty, students, and administrators from the College of Arts and Sciences as they discuss humanities at Penn, including faculty and research, student life and success, exploration and discovery, and the advantage of the humanities at Penn. This is online on Friday 3 May at 6am: Click here for more information 

Monash University Course updates and workshops

Hear directly from current students, alumni and staff across all faculties, webinars commence in May: Click here for more information

Or for those interested in Architecture and Design, there are hands-on workshops in the July holidays: Click here

Events outside of school

Summer Programs - online & on campus

Institut Français de la Mode

Courses offered to students aged 15yrs and above in English & French, online & in Paris from Mid June to end July in the 3 disciplines of design, management and craftsmanship. Find out more: Summer programs

New York University (NYU / USA)

Precollege programs allow you to experience what it will be like to be an NYU student. Over 100 programs to choose from as well as exploring the city itself: Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations

Boston University (USA)

The BU summer Journalism program has 2 options: writing and reporting and photojournalism. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis: Inscriptions ici

Université de Pennsylvanie / UPenn

AFFELNET - Back to school 2024 in France.

Start of computerised registration on May 6th for requests for placement in the 10th grade for students in 9th grade who wish to continue their education in France in a general and technological or professional high school. Please contact for the registration of placement requests.


Secondary eco delegates bake sale

On May 8th, the secondary school eco-delegates are organising a bake sale from 3:15 PM to 3:45 PM in the hallway of the main entrance.

They are leading this initiative in support of New Caledonian children hospitalised at Westmead.

We count on your generosity:

Bring books in French and board games in good condition to support New Caledonian families whose children are at Westmead. A collection box will be placed at the reception for your donations.

Together, let's bring some comfort to these families in need.

Thank you for your support 


(Re)Vue Condorcet

Eco Schools Australia Logo


Please note that any use of student photos in our publications is purely incidental. We do not intentionally collect student photos and only use them within the context of our educational work. We are committed to respecting the privacy of our students and not using their photos inappropriately. If you find a photo that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to be used, please contact us immediately so we can remove it.

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