TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2022

French Mathematics Olympiad - Paris, June 8th 2022
22nd Mathematics Olympiad

A Message From LCS

Dear Parents,

Get your tickets! There are just a few days left of the Year 12 Raffle . 

Omar and Didier, our two finalists in the French National Mathematics Olympiad took home a silver medal each as the final rankings were revealed last week in Paris. 

On Wednesday, June 8th, our students took part in Code Night (more info to come) and our primary school students spent an hour with marine life specialist, Leo Guida, for World Oceans Day.

Our Year 12 Bac students celebrated the last official day of class with a "Mock-Up Day" on Wednesday ahead of the last exams coming up this week and next.

Please find the minutes from the Primary School Council Meeting (May 30th) here.

A bene placito : Our Year 7, 8 and 9 Latin students spent last Friday with the school's Year 5s for Latin Day. The children had prepared a number of different activities for the year 5s, all based on "antiques" that they had created themselves. Well done! 

Happy holidays!

Nicolas L’Hotellier.

Our Year 2D students were excited to meet Leo Guida
Latin Day

Important Dates


16 juin BAC Philosophy Exam

16 juin Last day to buy raffle tickets

17 juin EAB - BAC Year 11 French Written Test

20-21 June BAC French Oral Test - Le grand oral

20-21 June DNB

22 June Year 12 Graduation and Gala 

25-26 June LCS Tennis Doubles Tournament - All Welcome: Sign up here! 

27-28  June EAB - BAC Year 11 French Oral Test 

Mock Up Day!
Australian Marine Conservation Society
Good luck to all the students sitting exams this week!



Did you know that sharks have been on earth longer than dinosaurs and trees?

Sharks have been here for more than 450 million years, and Leo Guida, a shark scientist, has studied and dived with them his whole life.

Which is the most endangered shark species? Why are sharks important? Why do you like sharks so much?

Last week, Leo Guida shared his knowledge and passion with LCS students and answered all their questions!

To continue the deep dive with him, click on the link below:


6 A: Friday 24 June at 9.45 am with Marie Jacquier
6 B: Friday 24 June at 11.50 am with Marie Jacquier
6 C: Friday 24 June at 8.50 am with Anne Wolkowitsch

7 A: Thursday 23 June at 11.50 with Marie Jacquier
7 B: Thursday 23 June at 10.55 with Anne Wolkowitsch
7 C: Thursday 23 June at 9.45 with Marie Jacquier

8 A: Thursday 23 June at 1.40 with Virginie Lamand
8 B: Wednesday 22 June at 9.45 with Virginie Lamand

10 A: Friday 17 June at 9.45 with Anne-Christelle Payet
10 B: Friday 17 June at 7.55 with Virginie Lamand
10 C: Friday 17 June at 10.55 with Gabriel Gay-Para

La Journée des océans - World Oceans Day
Raising awareness about environmental issues - Primary students from LCS meet with Leo Guida

Wall of Fame


A statement from one of our two finalists:

"Thank you to the school for this experience. I really enjoyed the two conferences as well as speaking in front of the audience about Lycée Condorcet''. Thank YOU, Omar!

Congratulations to Omar and Didier who were in the top 25 out of 22 000 participants in the French National Mathematics Olympiad and therefore each won a silver medal.

The awards were handed out at the Institut du Monde Arabe at a ceremony with Mr Jack Lang, Minister of Culture. 

Code Night!



The Fitness Development Squad is a group activity for junior secondary school students. It takes place twice a week, on Monday and Friday mornings between 8-9 am. Have a look at the photos of some of our current students in Fitness class!


It's been a long time since we have been able to organise competitions, so now we are excited to announce that our Elite Squad Tennis players have organised a Doubles Tennis Tournament for all LCS community members (parents, siblings, friends, aunts and uncles, bring them all!).

When: Saturday and Sunday 25-26 June, 2022

The tournament is open to anyone over 11 years old, whose tennis level allows them to play matches against our students, hard court. Registration deadline: Friday June 17, 2022. Max 30 teams, register quickly!

Sign up by Friday 17 June 2022. Please note that there is space for max 30 teams/pairs so sign up quickly!

Tennis Tournament Team LCS
Sign up via the link above!


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