TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2022

Maroubra beach 1965
Maroubra beach 2022

A Message From LCS

Dear Parents,

This will be the last newsletter for this school year.

Below you will fin information about the August back-to-school when the primary school students will be able to enter the school grounds through the new building. The secondary school students will enter via Anzac Parade, as per usual. Please find information about the 2022-2023 back-to-school in this booklet.

At the beach, up in the mountains, on a aeroplane or at home; our teachers and librarians have put together a list of books you might like to read during the school holidays - enjoy! Reading Suggestions

As we wait for the graduating classes' results to come in, we would like to share some photos from the graduation and thank all those involved in making this a memorable night for the students; parents, sponsors, students and teachers - thank you! Photos

#ProudlyLCS: We invite you to have a look at this fantastic video created by Neva in the Health and Wellness section.

Finally, we would like to thank our primary school teachers who have worked hard to put on some amazing end-of-year shows for all the parents. We thorougly enjoyed them and hope you all did, too. More photos and videos will be shared at back-to-school.

Happy holidays!

Kind regards,

Nicolas L’Hotellier. 

Important Dates


27-28 June EAB - BAC Year 11 French Oral Test 

28 June Parents & Friends : Uniform Collection at 3 pm (pick-up time) in front of the theatre

29 June Year 1-2 party

29 June Lost and Found! On the tables outside the canteen.

30 June Year 4-5 party

1 July Last day of school = Crazy Day -> Pyjama Day!

11-22 July School will be closed for 2 weeks

August 17th First day of school: Semester 2

Year 12 Graduation
Year 5 end-of-year concert, more photos to come.
Last day of school - Pyjama Dress-Up!
August 2022 Back-to-School - Click on the image to open the booklet



Download the booklet here


Enrolments for the Y Lycee Condorcet After School Care are now open, it is the perfect time to update your child’s enrolment details. Simply login to your My Family Lounge account where you can update key details for your children that may have changed over the past 12 months. Please keep an eye on your emails for communication directly from our team with “how to” instructions, further updates regarding offers and important information about changing your bookings to align with AES enrolments.

Log in here


Canteen enrolments for the 1st semester 2022-2023 are now open on the the Eduka PortalDo not forget to enrol your child now for the back-to-school. For high school students waiting for their timetable and who wish to enrol at the canteen, please indicate the requested days. You will be able to modify the days the week you will receive the timetables.

2022-2023 SCHOOL FEES

You have now received your school fees invoices for the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year. The due date for payments is the 17 July 2022, as indicated in the School Fees PolicyIf you haven't received your invoice yet, please contact


Our secondary school librarian and language teachers have put together this list of books your children might like to read during the school holidays. There are suggestions based on age and subjects, and there are different options to suit students with different interests.  These are only suggestions aimed at helping you and your children find appropriate and interesting reading material - enjoy! 

You can also use your Pronote login information to access the Esidocportal for the school's library to see what is on offer there.

Click here to access the reading list


Congratulations to all the students who received an award during the 2021 - 2022 LCS Awards Ceremony! 
This ceremony rewards the students' academic performance, their commitment to school committees as representatives and their participation in extra-curricular projects. 
Next year, students will work with teachers and the various student councils (CVC - CVL) in order to update the structure of the awards and give more visibility to this LCS tradition. 


Last Wednesday, we celebrated a big first here at LCS - a graduation ceremony for our year 5 students who will be starting secondary school next year!

It was a bit of an emotional ceremony for the parents and one filled with excitement and pride for the students.

Good luck to all of you in junior secondary school.

This Thursday we will be celebrating the GS students who will be graduating from the Maternelle.

The year 5 graduation was a fantastic success and important moment for the students, and we will definitely be repeating it next year.

Two essential events in the life of the school took place last week, officially signalling the end of exams and the end of secondary school for our seniors! 
We wish them all the best in the future and all the success they deserve in their future studies. 
LCS would also like to thank all the staff, students and parents who took part in the organisation of these events to make them so memorable! 


The end-of-year shows, the first we've seen in a long time, were a huge success. The last concert will take place tomorrow with the Year 4 students and their families.

The theme for these shows was the sea and oceans, that have kept us apart from our loved ones over that past 2 years.

All the shows, from PS to Year 5, were incredibly well done; they made us laugh, cry and simply feel!

A huge thank you to James for the thousand rehearsals with all the classes, for his creativity in both singing and dancing, and for his professionalism.

We would also like to thank the teachers and the teaching assistants for all their wonderful imagination and hard work.


PS : Oceans were the theme for our wonderfully dressed up PS students, with James playing the piano.
Teachers and Teaching Assistants: Sandrine, Marianne, Leah, Christelle, Charlotte, Candy, Emmanuelle, Muriel, Kylie, Fiona, Lucie

MS : The MS students brought history to life through song, dance, costumes and videos, accompanied by James.
Teachers and Teaching Assistants: Anne, Audrey LC, Audrey A, Nicky, Kerrie, Laura, Haley, Thao, Ayse, Nelly, Pascale

GS : Old folk takes brought to life through song, dance and acting, with James on the piano.
Teachers and Teaching Assistants: Jordane, Lucie, Sophie, Marion, Jérôme, Nadège, Mélanie, Priscillia, Mélanie, Haley

YEAR 5: Musical comedy "Animal Carnival" produced by the teachers with James on the piano.
Teachers: Sindy, Eric, Emilie, Sandra, Lana

YEAR 2: Singing and dancing put together by James and the teachers.
Teachers: Megane, Laure, Sidonie, Silke, Marilyne, Joelene

YEAR 3: Cinema show on the theme "My Neighbour Totoro" that the students have been working on in class, with singing and xylophone by the students and James on the piano.
Teachers: Marie, Fanny, Mathilde, Agnès, Aleesha

YEAR 4: Tomorrow: Singing and choreography, the concert was created by James.
Teachers: Richard, Sophie, Christophe, Laura

YEAR 5: Singing with James playing the piano and guided through the choreography by Magalie.
Teachers: Pierre-Gérard, Justine, Michèle, Magalie, Karen

You can now sign up for the YMCA
Sign up for the canteen via Eduka
Click on the link to download the reading list
CM2 - Year 5
Petite Section
CP - Year 1
CM2 - Year 5
Plus de photos à venir !

Wall of Fame


Our year 1 and 2 students have been getting into the Olympic spirit with big class challenges:

2024 passes: with a ball. Don't worry, the students worked in teams!

2024 metres: 2 teams walked a distance of 1012 metres each

Well done!


Our PS students went on an excursion to Centennial Park and attended Bush School.
Watch the video of their excursion by clicking here.

Password: LCS-bushlife


Congratulations again to the participants and winners of the 2022 Code Night here at LCS. We are already looking forward to next year.

  • 1st prize Seniors - Python: : Didier and Eliot
  • 1st prize Seniors – Scratch : LES COCHONS (Ronique, Raphaëlle, Chloé and Élise)
  • 1st prize Juniors - Scratch : THEBOPS (Eliotte, Zachary and Anaïs)
  • Crowd Favourite💙: Les PANDACORNS (Étienne, Blaise and Hesper)
Erratum: Didier is in Year 11, not Year 12.
Last Friday students in the British International Section took part in the SIB Poetry Recital Competition. Finalists from each SIB English class recited their chosen poem to a large audience of primary and highschool students as well as a panel of judges. 
Participants were awarded certificates and the winners from each category were presented with a book voucher. 
It was a really enjoyable afternoon and a lovely way to end the year. Thank you to all the students and teachers who took part.
Centennial Park - Bush School



As we announced last week, LCS is proud to have received the EFE3D level 2 label this year. 

As you know, the EFE3D recognisesFrench schools abroad that are committed to sustainable development, and is composed of 3 levels. This year we have reached level 2.

Here is a look back at some of the projects that have allowed our school to reach this level. Congratulations to the students, the pedagogical team and our Head of Sustainability Education.

  • Clean Up Day  Everyone chipped in for a planet without waste with the participation of the classes from GS to year 7.
  • Fundraising with a bake sale by the year 8 eco-representatives for Clean Up Day after the terrible floods in NSW.
  • Secondary school eco-representatives made a pledge against pollution.
  • Collaboration with the Billions Bees Foundation. (website)
  • Conferences and workshops to celebrate Earth Day, notably:
    • a meeting with a researcher from the CCRC
      (UNSW Climate Change Research Centre)
    • Capucine Dupuy author of Plastic Tac Tic Tac
    • Léo Guida, from the Australian Marine Conservation Society who raised awareness about endangered species.
  • The children participated in the Cardboard Challenge during lockdown.
  • Our students participated in a mock COP 26 with eco-representatives from the entire secondary school simulating important decision-making processes between nations.
  • The Maternelle students did an endangered species expo in the library.
  • A huge presentation on the 17 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for French Schools Abroad Week and COP26.

With regards to LCS infrastructure

  • In 2022, 100% of all classrooms will have been renovated, insulated and have gotten double glazed windows.

  • 57% of energy needs produced by our school's own solar panels and the remaining 43%, which is external, is 100% green, too!

  • Recycling and Fogo Policy introduced.

  • School tenders include environmental requirements.

More projects, collaborations and changes to come! 

More learning gardens await us at the back-to-school!
The Billion Bees Foundation helps protect and reintroduce native bees in our communities.
Incursion with Leo Guida for World Oceans Day

Health & Wellness


We are lucky to have some really exceptional students here at LCS who are true role models for both primary and secondary students. 

Year 9 student, Neva, has kindly agreed to share this video with the LCS community and we thank her for doing so. venue dans les classes de CM1 et CM2 présenter sa vidéo. 

"Last year, I did a mini TED talk in English about dyslexia. I, myself, learnt plenty of things during my research for the talk and I shared this with my family and friends, many of them told me this taught them a lot about dyslexia. For my oral exam for the Brevet, I decided to speak about dyslexia in general, in order to help people understand this subject more."

Thank you, Neva.


Last weekend our Elite Tennis Squad hosted a huge tennis doubles tournament for the whole LCS community.  dans un esprit convivial, 16 teams competed in a friendly and
sunny atmosphere - congratulations to all the participants and especially to Mathias and Melvil Stricker who took home the win!
If you're not already following the school's sport account on Instagram - then here it is EPSYDNEY. We hope to help you stay up to date on all things sport here at LCS.

Have a look at some of the photos from the interclass volleyball, futsal and badminton tournaments that our year 6-8 students have been competing in over the past weeks.
LCS Tennis Tournament
Badminton Tournament
Futsal Tournament
..and volleyball



The Year 3 end-of-year concert takes you on a trip to Japan and the world of cinema. Extracts. 

Listen to the recording here

The petite sections take you on board their ship, to crab-strewn beaches and seas full of fish and octopuses. Class and theatre rehearsals.

Listen to the recording here

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