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A message From LCS

Dear Parents,

We are excited to share the video of the inauguration of the new building with you: FILM.

Calling all photographers: if you have any nice photos of the ceremony that you would like to share with the community, please send them to

Reminder: we look forward to seeing you this Friday from 3.25pm to 5.45 pm for our Book Week celebrations including a book signing with Cédric Janvier, see you there!

We are also on the lookout for people wishing to participate in the LCS Christmas market this year. Sign up as a stallholder here: CHRISTMAS MARKET. 

Kind regards,

Nicolas L’Hotellier,

Proviseur / Principal

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New building Opening Ceremony on October 13th 2022

Important dates

October 26  Year 6 excursion to Chau Chak Wing Museum

October 28  Reading Day

October 31  Halloween

November 2  French Tradition: Waiter/Waitress Races

November 2: 8.15 am  Coffee and Discussion with Ms Lamrani: Maternelle parents. Subject:  Is it possible to educate our Children without punishement or rewarding ? 

November 4  Crazy Day: Anything-but-a-backpack day!

November 5-13  School Holidays

14-18 November  Science Fair

29 November - 4 December French Schools Abroad Week

3 December  Christmas Market


APC in Primary School
There will be no APC meeting the week before the school holidays, neither in French nor English -> No APC from 8.15 - 8.45 am next week.

Get ready for Anything-but-a-Backpack Day!

October 28: Reading Day

We look forward to spending the afternoon with both parents at students at the Book Week celebrations this Friday after school at 3.25 pm: book sale, book signing, bake sale, BBQ, book readings, etc.

LCS Community & Parent Meetings


Reading day is on Friday 28 October and Parents & Friends, Lycée Condorcet Association will have one bbq stand and one book sale stand. 

We need people to help us sell, prepare hot dogs, pack up or cook from 2.30pm to 6.15pm. You don't need to stay for the whole time. If you are interested please contact



LCS Parents Reading in the Primary School

To celebrate our immense diversity here at LCS during Book Week, parents have been invited to come in to the school during class time and read books in their native languages to the students. The students have enjoyed stories in French, English, Japonese, Mandarin, Turkish, German, Persian and many more! Our students have loved the stories, the languages and of course having their parents at school with the. This great diversity is one of our strengths as a school and we are so happy to have been able to share and learn from each other this week. à l’honneur la diversité des langues et cultures représentées au LCS. Cette richesse fait vivre les valeurs de notre établissement. Voici quelques images.


Cédric Janvier spent his childhood exploring the banks of the Rhône, giving free rein to his imagination as he wandered through the forest of the Table Ronde island, populated by ash trees, maples, clematis as well as beavers, frogs and foxes. Janvier’s exploration of the incredible fauna and flora inspired stories that encourage children to reflect about our place here on earth, and that is how a natural park officer came to begin writing children’s books that are read and loved around the globe. 

Cédric Janvier began working with AEFE schools when he was invited to one of the French schools in Shanghai in 2013 and has spent endless hours looking for ways in which reading, animation and interaction can be combined successfully in a class full of children. Janvier became fascinated with Kamishibaï, the Japanese theatrical art form and developed more animations that he has shared with children in a dozen French schools in the Asia-Pacific region, and in 2019 Mr Janvier won the Azimut PrizeInvited to LCS by Valerie Bronnert, our Director of the primary school, Cédric Janvier is running a variety of workshops with our children:

  • With the year 2 and 4, Cédric leads workshops to create stories that will be read to other students. 
  • With the year 3 and 5 classes, the aim is to develop creative writing around the theme of the Knights of the Round Table. While other year 5 classes experience adventure with Jack Bright, one of Janvier’s characters, and will then do radio interviews.

We invite you to come and meet Mr Janvier on Friday 28th for a book signing including Le Roi Radin, Rêve Orchidées, Jack Bright and Princesse des étoiles, all available at Balivernes. Jack Bright is out of stock but will be available again in November.

The titles available here at LCS for the signing will be:
Les chevaliers de l’île de la table ronde
2 histoires de Nenette
Le Roi Radin


The work in the courtyard has been completed for the time being and elementary students can NOW access the library before 9 am and between 3:30 pm and 4 pm, to read, return their loans and loan new books if they like.


During the Reading Day on Friday, October 28, parents will have free access to the library between 3:15 and 5:30 pm and the possibility to borrow a book with their child (no food and drink will be allowed inside). This access for parents will be possible during the following periods on the last Friday before the vacations.

Cédric Janvier in the LCS Primary School Library



As part of a science project, the students in Year 3B have been learning about the properties of air. The students celebrated the end of the project by making parachutes in one of their technology lessons. Lo and behold, the parachutes worked! How exciting! The students were also able to make the following observation: The parachute descends slowly because it is slowed down by the force of the invisible air, which is present everywhere around us.


LCS is committed to helping each student thrive in all learning languages… we hope this explainer will help you better understand the use of “Readers” as a learning tool that can be used both at school and at home.



Over two nights (Monday the 31st of October for juniors and Friday the 4th of November for seniors) TIB CAS are hosting a fundraiser in the canteen. Funds raised will go towards 'Multiple sclerosis Australia', as well as raise funds for the year 12 Gala. There will be two rounds of general knowledge questions, with prizes given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners, as well as prizes for best dressed and best team name. Tickets are $15 and include pizza and drinks. To register, scan the QR code on the poster attached and register your team and food order. Money for tickets will need to be paid in cash to the art room (DO21) for hardcopy tickets. For any questions, help registering and ticket sales please see Miss Mills or email 
This will be a supervised event.  

5:30-6:15: Introduction, rules and round 1 of trivia
6:15-7:00: Break for pizza
7:30-8:30 round 2 of trivia and announcement of winners and other prizes.
Exit after the event to be done by the old Moverly road gate.


Last month, 128 students, teachers and parents were acknowledged for their outstanding achievements and contribution to public education at the annual NSW Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence. LCS students Charles and Bella were among the students to receive Academic Excellence Awards for their studies in Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture at community college.

Bella, year 8, and Charles, year 7, have been at Lycée Condorcet for 3 years now and since starting here, the students have also been attending Chinese language and culture classes for 3.5 hours every weekend. The curriculum is comprehensive involving reading, writing, speaking and listening. The course is conducted in Mandarin Chinese and using traditional Chinese characters. Charles and Bella also participated in cultural activities such mid Autumn festival, Chinese New Year and dragon boat celebrations. The children have both won awards in poetry recital competitions, too. The awards were given to students who not only succeed in language learning but also their studies in their mainstream schools, as well as in extracurricular activities. Congratulations to both Bella and Charles, we are very proud to count you among our student body and we wish you all the best for your continued studies..



We thought we had reached our peak when we finished second twice in a row at the CAPN in 2017 in Sydney and in 2018 in Shanghai. However, we had not yet realised how far the team spirit and the values inspired by the Sydney Olympics in 2000 ("Share the Spirit") would take this young, emerging team. The LCS team continued to flourish at the 2019 CAPN by finishing first in the CAPN Excellence Level in Singapore, under the captaincy of Lulani P-F., a swimmer who went through the ranks of the LCS Talent Identification program (IT), and Mirko R. who joined LCS especially because of the Elite Squad. Mirko was already swimming at a national level in Canada. Since this historic victory, there has been no stopping this young team of swimmers in both the IT and the Elite Squad:

-July 2019: Our first two national swimmers discovered in IT and developed in the Elite Squad; Alyssa A. and Amélie F. They participate in the first French national youth championships, organised by the FFN in Tarbes. Alyssa A. qualified for two individual finals!
-CAPN 2020 Sydney: Cancelled due to Covid19
-CAPN Sydney 2021 (remote): LCS finishes for the 1st for the second time in a row!
-April 2021: Two new swimmers from the Elite Squad reach the national level: Ariane R. (discovered through the IT program) and Ulysse B. (joining the Elite Squad directly). Along with Alyssa A. and Amélie F., these students made up the 4 nationals swimmers due to participate in the Australian National Championships in Adelaide. Amélie F. qualified for two individual finals and gained a title as the Australian Vice-Champion and Team Champion representing NSW! A nice anecdote from this year is that a relay team composed of 3/4 LCS swimmers finished 7th overall!
-September 2022: Amélie F. qualified for the Australian Senior National Championships, a qualifier for the World Championships. She competed against Emma McKeon in the 50m Freestyle, an unforgettable experience!
-October 2022, our two latest national swimmers:
-Karim H. qualifies for the next Australian Nationals in April 2023 on the Gold Coast, with already 1 individual race to his credit. He was discovered in IT then joined the Elite Squad.
-Emmeline G. is qualified for the next Australian MC National Championships in April 2023 on the Gold Coast, with already 4 individual races to her credit. She was discovered in IT and then joined the Elite Squad.
-CAPN 2023 from Monday 13 to Friday 17 March: 

  • 8 schools set to participate in CAPN Sydney 2023:
    1. Bangkok
    2. Hanoi
    3. Ho Chi Minh City
    4. Jakarta
    5. Mumbai
    6. Phnom Penh
    7. Seoul
    8. Singapore

-Team Sydney: The Sydney team will be made up of 48 swimmers who come from our 4 competitive programs at the LCS: the Elite Squad, the IT programme, the Development Squad and the CAPN Development Squad. We would also like to present our 4 captains: Julia A., Josephine P-F, Armand C., Omar H. They will be supported by our 5 nationals: Alyssa A., Amelie F., Emmeline G., Arianne R, Ulysse B. and Karim H.
-CAPN 2023:  To find out how the Sydney team goes in this school year’s CAPN, meet us at Des Renford to see all the best swimmers of the AEFE Asia-Pacific region.
-April 7-15th, 2023: 2023 Australian Age Championships - Gold Coast, QLD. What will this championship have in store for our LCS swimmers? To be continued!



Murphy Sports is running a Holiday Sports Club exclusively for LCS families during the upcoming holidays 7-11 November. We will have a wide variety of fun and games including dance each day AND a Party Day on Friday 11th with some goodies and giveaways!
Learn More: HERE
Sign up: HERE


Our Elite Squad Tennis players have organised a Singles Tennis Tournament for all LCS community members (parents, siblings, friends, aunts and uncles, bring them all!).

Please click hereto learn more and to sign up!



Discover the next sports challenge for our primary school, inspired by the upcoming Paris Olympics..

Waiter/Waitress Races!

Primary school students will be participating in races, an obstacle course to get through while carrying a tray with a cup of water on it.

Check out this fun French tradition in the video.

On your marks, get set, wait!



Take a few minutes to watch the new English at LCS video to get a better understanding of how children learn English in both primary and secondary school here at Lycée Condorcet.

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