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This is the biannual LCS community newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter because you have either submitted an enrolment application for your child (or children), or because you have signed up for one of our Open Mornings. Our next Open Morning will take place this Friday, November 4th at 9.30 am. Please register here should you wish to attend .

We are pleased to share some news of what has been happening at LCS since we spoke last.

We are particularly happy to share the news that our new wing has been officially completed and inaugurated on October 13th, with new learning facilities now being used by the whole school.

We hope you will be able to visit the school soon to see all these wonderful changes. Until then, please enjoy a little insight via this newsletter, which we are glad to introduce as a new semesterly send-out.

Please feel free to contact the Admissions Team at any time should you have any questions or queries.

Thank you for your time.
Kind regards, 
Nicolas L’Hotellier
Proviseur/ Principal

Nicolas L'Hotellier, Proviseur / Principal
Our school's new entrance
A glance at the new Maternelle exercise room


Crazy Days Each year, on the last day of school before school holidays, we celebrate by doing a “Crazy Day” that consists of dressing up according to a silly theme chosen by the teachers. This year we have celebrated Crazy Hair Day, Crazy Sock Day and Pyjama Day. Have a look at some of the photos!

Upcoming Events

November 2022 Science Fair

November 2022 French Schools Abroad Week

3 December 2022 Christmas Market

Janvier 2023 Asia-Pacific Badminton Championship in Singapore

March 2023 School Fête

March 2023 Ambassadors in the Making

April 2023 Asia-Pacific Swimming Championship - CAPN

June 2023 End-of-year Concert

Our new primary school wing


These new facilities were inaugurated at a beautiful ceremony on October 13th and will offer our students and teachers a modern, sustainable and enjoyable learning environment, including:
A welcoming entrance and "Esplanade" sporting a coffee cart, Café de Flore, which has become very popular with LCS parents at drop-off time. 
  Maternelle and Elementary classrooms and expanded playgrounds.
– A new physical exercise room for Maternelle students to develop their gross motor skills. 
   A new multipurpose gymnasium. 
 A learning kitchen for the culinary education of the students. 
   Nap room for the youngest students. 
New offices, meeting rooms, storage and maintenance workshops. 
  Underground staff parking lot.

These new facilities complement the work carried out during the past four years to renovate our classrooms and facilities to provide students and teachers with a sustainable, comfortale and functional learning environment. 

Events and Projects


As a member school of the network of French Schools Abroad (AEFE), our students regularly participate in events, projects and competitions with other schools in France as well as other network schools abroad. This year, our year 11 students participated in the French National Mathematics Olympiad along with over 22 000 others from schools across France and the AEFE.

Two of our students, Omar and Didier, did so well that they placed among the top 50 finalists and were invited to attend an awards ceremony and mathematics conferences in Paris at the Institut du Monde Arabe. Didier was unable to make the trip, but Omar, accompanied by his maths teacher, attended the ceremony where it was announced that both he and Didier placed among the top 25. Omar received a silver medal from the Minister of Culture, Mr Jack Lang, and was asked to address the audience and speak about his experience abroad. 


7 of our IB1 students have taken the initiative to create a humanitarian association, Pages for Change, as part of their CAS program: Creativity, Activity and Service. The association aims to collect and categorise books - novels, textbooks, comics, dictionaries, and encyclopaedias - in French and English from primary, junior secondary and senior secondary school, and to donate them to organisations in Australia or abroad that need them. 

After a heated discussion about what to call the association, the students set about creating a logo that would best represent the association and its purpose. Next the students had to find associations and organisations in need, sort and box the books, carry out fundraising, organise the transportation of the resources and make sure that they arrived safely. 

In June, the Pages for Change association delivered twenty boxes full of books to the Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy who will distribute them in the different penitentiary centres across NSW.


Each year our school, along with all French primary and high schools around the world, participates in the AEFE public speaking contest, the Ambassadors in the Making. This competition aims to promote both reflection, analysis and oral expression, as well as to raise awareness among our students and communities about important global issues. In 2022, the theme was “Seas and Oceans: the Challenges of Our Planet” and our students prepared speeches and performances with the help of their teachers and classmates, as well as an incursion by Tristan Salles, a geoscience teacher and marine biologist from the University of Sydney.

The children participated in LCS semifinals followed by an LCS grand finale in front of an impressive list of judges including the Consul General of France to Sydney, and their performances were then sent in to the international judges of the AEFE. One of our students, Mary in year 5, was selected as one of the global finalists invited to perform in Paris this summer (Australian winter). The students and teachers were very excited and proud to have a global finalist among us, and we wish Mary the best of luck!

Olympiades Mathématiques LCS
Omar with the Minister of Culture Jack Lang
Humanitarian association of the international french school's IB program
The IB Humanitarian Association Pages for Change
Humanitarian association of the international french school's IB program
Book donation at Brush Farm Corrective Services
ambassadeur en herbe 2022 Lycée condorcet sydney
LCS Final: Ambassadors in the Making
ambassadeurs en herbe 2022 Lycée condorcet sydney
LCS Final: Ambassadors in the Making



Cédric Janvier spent his childhood exploring the banks of the Rhône, giving free rein to his imagination as he wandered through the forest of the Table Ronde island, populated by ash trees, maples, clematis as well as beavers, frogs and foxes. Janvier’s exploration of the incredible fauna and flora inspired stories that encourage children to reflect about our place here on earth, and that is how a natural park officer came to begin writing children’s books that are read and loved around the globe.

Mr Janvier began working with AEFE schools in 2013 when he was invited to visit the French school of Shanghai. He then began looking into ways of integrating reading, animation and class interaction, and this integration can be witnessed in Janvier's passion for Kamishibai, a Japonese method of bringing books and stories to life. Cédric Janvier has worked with dozens of AEFE schools and in 2019, he won the Azimut prize. During his time at LCS, Mr Janvier will carry out different workshops with the students:

With the year 2 and 4, Cédric leads workshops to create stories that will be read to other students.
With the year 3 and 5 classes, the aim is to develop creative writing around the theme of the Knights of the Round Table. While other year 5 classes experience adventure with Jack Bright, one of Janvier’s characters, and will then do radio interviews.

Cédric Janvier in the LCS Primary School Library
Cédric Janvier with the students



LCS offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students in Grande Section/Kindergarten and over. Each semester a new programme is put together that includes something for everyone’s taste; a sewing club, hip hop dancing, soccer, cooking, yoga & mindfulness, game design, chess club, theatre, and more. 

Last year saw the introduction of Lego Club, where children aged 5-8 learn to work together, to take on different roles and to manage their time, to be patient, resilient, and most of all to have fun!

Lego Club at Lycée Condorcet Sydney
Lego Club at Lycée Condorcet Sydney



  • Clean Up Day: Everyone chipped in for a planet without waste with the participation of the classes from GS to year 7
  • Secondary school eco-representatives made a pledge against pollution.
  • Fundraising with a bake sale by the year 8 eco-representatives for Clean Up Day after the terrible floods in NSW.
  • Collaboration with the Billion Bees fondation.
  • Conferences and workshops to celebrate Earth Day, including:
    • Researcher from the UNSW Climate Change Research Centre
    • Capucine Dupuy, author of Plastic Tac Tic Tac
    • Léo Guida, marine biologist and shark expert from the Australian Marine Conservation Society
  • The children participated in the Cardboard Challenge during lockdown.
  • Our students participated in a mock COP 26 with eco-representatives from the entire secondary school simulating important decision-making processes between nations.
  • The Maternelle students did an endangered species expo in the library.
  • A huge presentation on the 17 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for French Schools Abroad Week and COP26.
  • This year we finished our classroom renovations which have made our school more energy efficient with insulated walls and glazed windows, a whole 57% of energy needs are produced by our school's own solar panels and the remaining 43%, which is external, is 100% green, too! We have also upgraded our recycling system with more Recycling and Fogo bins and a worm farm.
The Billion Bees Foundation helps protect and reintroduce native bees in our communities.
Incursion with Leo Guida for World Oceans Day

Year 6 Camp

Year 6 Camp

Camp got off to a great (albeit wet) start. After some bonding and icebreaker activities, the students filled their bellies with lunch before groups went off to giant swings, go karting and vertical cluster. The first set of activities were amazing and seeing how much fun the students were all having, the teachers couldn't resist joining in while the kids cheered them on. Late afternoon was filled with a very lively game of grab the tag and insightful information sessions on clear and kind communication, and purposeful and safe technology use. In the evening 6ème danced the night away at a silent disco.

The next couple of days brought more physical activities, an LCS ‘survivor’ challenge, strategy, teamwork and wellbeing activities, pom pom making and knot tying, a movie night/sing-a-long and plenty of memorable moments shared. 


Meet two former students of the Lycée Condorcet to talk about their career paths, their future plans and their best memories of the LCS.

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