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A message From LCS

Dear Parents,

First of all, our warm thanks go out to Kelly Borg, associate director of the NSW Independent Schools Association for her generous book donation for Book Week at LCS. We are very proud to be part of the AIS and would also like to thank former LCS employee, and current AIS employee, Allison Fautre for her involvement in the donation.

Many of you came and participated in the Book Week activities last Friday and throughout the week, and we are very grateful. 

It was fantastic to have so many parents at the school once again, and we are happy to be able to show you how much our teaching team has done to create an unforgettable event. Book Week was just as much about learning as it was about developing the students’ imagination, memory skills, reading and speaking, general culture and open-mindedness. 

The Read-a-thon for both students and adults was a success with the participants reading over 8000 pages in 248 books. The Dymocks fundraiser also had great results with LCS families raising $450 to provide books for children.

Our warm thanks to:

  • The parents who lent us a hand to read books to the children in their native languages.
  • The teachers and librarians who created reading workshops, visits to bookstores and the Parade.
  • The following associations:'Parents & Friends’ for the delicious BBQ, the large selection of books on sale, Pages for Change for hosting a stand to spread awareness about their fantastic Association.
  • Cédric Janvier for giving his time to sign the children's books and to encourage them to write, dream and create; and for leading creative workshops with each primary class for another week here at LCS.
  • The French book van and Ma Petite Librairie for their presence
  • The Year 12 students who hosted the bake sale to raise funds for future projects, including the end-of-year gala.
  • And of course the students for having shown so much joy and pleasure in dressing up as their favourite book characters.
  • Lastly, thank you Ms Bronnert, director of the primary school, who worked incredibly hard to make this week possible with the help of both primary and secondary school teachers and staff.

For those who were unable to attend, please find some snapshots in the newsletter. 

This week we welcome Maria Lamrani Alaoui, consultant and family coach who met this morning with kindergarten parents during a conference to talk about children’s needs and parental guidance. Ms Lamrani Alaoui and Ms Lacoste are conducting a training session this week for Maternelle teachers and teachers’ assistants.

The minutes from the School Board meeting of June 27, 2022 are available on the website under the Our Organisation tab. The invitation to the_AGM is also available on the website.

Kind regards,
Nicolas L’Hotellier,
Proviseur / Principal 

Book your Stand

* erratum – lecture par les parents pour les enfants / parents reading to the children.

Important dates

November and December Public Speaking workshops by Juliette Ray will be held for year 9, 11 and 12.

November 2  French Tradition: Waiter/Waitress Races

November 2: 8.15 am  Coffee and Discussion with Ms Lamrani: Maternelle parents. Subject:  Is it possible to educate our Children without punishement or rewarding ? 

November 3 Quentin Zerr, Four Seasons chef is holding a workshop with year 12 A.

November 4  Crazy Day: Anything-but-a-backpack day!

November 5-13  School Holidays

14-18 November  Science Fair

29 November - 4 December French Schools Abroad Week

3 December  Christmas Market

This Thursday and Friday, November 3rd and 4th, you have the chance to meet Cédric Janvier and get your books signed, as well as Maria Lamrani for a parenting conference. Meet us at 8.00 - 8.50 am by the Coffee Cart.

Meet Maria Lamrani and Cédric Janvier this Thursday and Friday at Lycée Condorcet

Finance and Administration


In the event of a possible departure from the school, a 6-week notice period must be respected before the last school day (Friday, November 4 for a last school day of Friday, December 16) to avoid being charged $250. This allows us to better manage the numbers and places allocation, as well as preparing the start of school in January in better conditions. The departure form must be completed on Eduka.


School fees invoices for the 2nd semester of the 2022-2023 school year will be sent by email during the week of 14/11/22 and will also be available on your the Eduka Portal. Please make sure that your account is up to date with the 1st semester fees 2022-23. We remind you that the school fees payment is due one month before the beginning of the semester, in accordance with the School Fees Policy, i.e. on 16th December 2022 at the latest. Additional fee invoices such as the canteen, the sports squads or the after school care for the 2nd semester will be invoiced in February 2023.


If you are in a difficult financial situation, we invite you to contact in order to put together an application for financial assistance. Some conditions apply.


With Edstartyou can separate your school fees into simple weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Edstart offers a rebate of 0.5% on the transaction fee to Lycee Condorcet families on Edstart Pay, the 12-month interest free plan. To learn more, visit

*Sponsored post

LCS Community & Parent Meetings


Are you a football fanatic or just love feel of an excited crowd?

As part of end-of-year gala fundraising, our year 12 Gala Committee is organising a screening of an important game for the French-Australian community: France vs Australia in the FIFA World Cup. Although we are aware of the environmental and humanitarian issues surrounding this year’s event in Qatar, we would like to offer a chance to enjoy this game together in a positive atmosphere here on Australian soil. The screening will take place on Wednesday, November 23 at 6:00 am in the LCS theatre. The students will be selling coffee, chocolates and pastries. Please register* via this link if you wish to attend this event: France VS Australia

*Limited spots available.


Pre-loved toys collection! Can YOU bring a big smile to a child's face this Christmas? Now is the time for a spring de-clutter! Have a good look at what toys are now just taking up space. Clean them up and donate them to a great cause!! This also will re-use toys that otherwise would go to land-fill. There will be boxes near the LCS reception to collect your pre-loved toys until 18 Nov. They will be given to the charity Joy through toys and will be distributed via Anglicare to less privileged children this Christmas.

Giving Guide:

  • As a guide, don't leave toys you would not like your own children to receive.
  • Ensure toys are complete and unbroken and in great condition – we have no facility to repair broken toys.
  • Wipe hard surfaces clean with disinfectant and soft toys should be washed and dried before leaving for collection.
  • Battery powered toys need new batteries and should be tested as working.
  • We are NOT accepting large items such as bikes, outdoor play equipment, swing sets, etc.
Gala Committee Raffle:  As part of the organisation of the end of the year Gala, year 12 students wish to organise a raffle. We are therefore calling for donations of prizes. If you are interested, please kindly fill out the form via the link below: Raffle Donations Once the form is completed, you can drop off your donation directly at the LCS reception desk. Your contribution will be highlighted via the LCS social media channels and the coming Newsletters. A big thank you in advance from the Gala Committee!



Saverio, Edoardo's dad, came to read a book in Italian about the very difficult life of turtles. He then presented the Association he created in January 2020, "The Billion Bees Foundation". We then went to the school garden to observe the native bee hive (stingless bees) that Saverio installed in April 2022.



The three year 7 classes had the chance to do the coastal Sculpture by the Sea walk between Tamarama beach and Marks Park on Monday morning in the company of some of their French, technology, art and maths teachers and Rime who kindly accompanied them. They were able to admire the many sculptures on display this year and will be able to use what they learnt in their art and French literature classes. Thank you Rime and Marie for the photos!


Last night's trivia was a great success, we had 11 teams compete for a $100 Westfield voucher, with the year 6 team ‘ghouls just want to have fun’ taking first place, year 9 team ‘pumpkin up the volume’ taking out second place and in third was year 7’s ‘the anonymous squad’. For best dressed we had the year 8 group ‘3 legends and the other one’ and for best team name ‘which witch is witch’ won.

Sign up for Friday 4/11: Scan the QR code on the poster
5:30-6:15: Introduction, rules and round 1 of trivia
6:15-7:00: Break for pizza
7:30-8:30 round 2 of trivia and announcement of winners and other prizes.
Exit after the event to be done by the old Moverly road gate.
Questions : 


Year 6 students are currently learning about the first states and writings in the Ancient Near East and have therefore been to visit the Chau Chak Wing Museum and the Eternal Life in Ancient Egypt exhibit. The students discovered papyrus and hieroglyphs found on archaeological remains as well as sarcophagi and mummies. During the morning, the students went to discover the key artefacts of the museum such as the child mummy of Horus, a young boy who was just 7 years old, the granite bust of Tutankhamun, then the sarcophagus of Mer-Neith-It-Es. The children listened to stories and anecdotes about beliefs and daily life in Ancient Egypt, gods, pharaohs, mummies and canopic jars. They spoke about life after death and were able to develop their sense of observation to complete their questionnaire and handle artefacts such as scarabs and small amulets. What an enchanting journey through Ancient Egypt!



All members of the LCS community, all students and parents, have the opportunity to participate in the RUN & ZAP' CHALLENGE organised at LCS as part of the Asia-Pacific-India sports league. During the French Schools Abroad Week, from 26/11 to 04/12, we go on a world tour together... that is, 40 000 kilometres, or more! We are excited to welcome "Lootie" as the ambassador for this project. For those who don’t know her, Lootie is a French super athlete (she simply must be!) who has completed a tour of the world on foot: having run a marathon a day, 6 days per week, for 2.5 years in order to raise money for Women for Women. We had the pleasure of welcoming Lootie to Sydney for the last steps of her journey on August 30th 2022.


Our Elite Squad Tennis players have organised a Singles Tennis Tournament for all LCS community members (parents, siblings, friends, aunts and uncles, bring them all!).

Please click hereto learn more and to sign up!

Lootie Run!

Green Planet


As part of the science fair which will take place during the week of November 14th to 18th 2022, science teachers are looking for a member of the school community who could give a conference/presentation (Monday 14/11 or Wednesday 16/11) on the theme of mitigation and adaptation measures envisaged to combat global warming. Please contact Olivier Pingot if you are interested:



Take a few minutes to watch the new English at LCS video to get a better understanding of how children learn English in both primary and secondary school here at Lycée Condorcet.

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